Standard 1.13 with better drop rate/qol changes

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Standard 1.13 with better drop rate/qol changes

Post by kingpin » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:56 pm

Standard 1.13 with better drop rate/qol changes

Mod Maker: JustinYummy


All monsters have a higher chance of dropping higher treasure class items.

All bosses (Andarial, Baal, etc) and minor bosses (Summoner, Izual, etc) have a much higher chance of dropping unique and set items. (Except High Council which has about 30% less unique/set drop rate)

Hell Diablo can drop the same items Hell Baal can. (Fathom, Griffions, etc) (Baal has a near double chance of dropping TC87 items however)

Hell Mephisto can drop everything except TC87 items

Upgraded the chance of uniques dropping for Act 5 super CX bosses (ex: pindleskin)

Halved the odds of finding Nokozan, Manalds, and Nagelring.


Removed gem requirements for upgrading runes

Only two runes are required to upgrade to the next level rune.

Greatly increased the drop rate of high runes. (All high runes have the same chance of dropping as an Ist rune normally did in vanilla d2 from monsters)

Changed rerolling magic items to 2 perfect gems instead of 3

Changed repair+recharge to any flawless gem instead of chipped/flawed

Removed the need for town scroll for unsocketing items with hel rune


Prefixes for +1 skill prefixes (the ones skill gcs use) have been increased by 6x

Grand Charm drop rate increased 3x

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Re: Standard 1.13 with better drop rate/qol changes

Post by JustinYummy » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:16 am

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share the mod I'm currently using for my D2 PlugY (single player) adventures! I've finally fine tuned everything to my liking, so now I'm ready to share it!

There is no .exe files you need to run that were made from me, in case anyone is skeptical of giving this a try! It also takes 5 seconds to remove if you decide you don't like it!

I've seen a few people ask for this when I too was searching for the same thing. The closest thing I found to my desires was the "Perfect Drop Mod", however I think having everything perfect takes a lot of fun out of the game. Also, there were a lot of other changes I didn't want in that I learned how to make my own! It was much harder than I anticipated!

This mod is great if you ever want a chance in hell of finding TC87 items (such as griffions, fathom, death clever, etc) or a full collection of skill gcs in yours or your grand-children's life time.

Here are a list of changes made compared to the base game: [Link](

Mod download link: [Jy Mod Version: 1.1]( ... d_V1.1.rar)

I've also created very detailed instructions on how to get it working inside the "Jy Mod HOW TO INSTALL.txt". There are two sets of instructions for those that already use PlugY/D2SE, and for those that have never played single player D2.

Have fun!

V1.1 Changes: Keys, Organs, and Torches are now working as intended. Thanks to /u/31drew31 for letting me know.

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