Forum explanation and rules

This is the place for people to research themes and ideas for their mods as well as for others to post their suggestions for mod makers to make use of.

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Forum explanation and rules

Post by Sephorus » Sat Jul 12, 2003 6:41 am

Just to clarify the purpose of this particular section of the forum, the Mod Concepts & Research forum is for submitting ideas for other modders to utilize, as well as to get feedback or research help for a modding project. Posting material such as skill ideas, possible new affixes, or other similar things is what this forum is for. Posting things such as how-to's will get redirected to the appropriate forum.

This forum is not - I repeat, not - for the promotion of your own mod project; i.e. progress threads about a project that you are currently working on. While they generate feedback about your project, this forum is dedicated to mod ideas that anyone can utilize, not a mod idea that's currently yours. Threads of this nature will be locked down instead of forwarded, as the appropriate forum for these (the Non-Hosted Mods forum) requires approval of your mod's progress by a staff member to have a thread for the mod.

Also, please keep in mind that this forum is a pool of mod ideas that is constantly being modified and added to. As such, anything that is posted here become part of a public body of information. If an idea is posted here, any future remarks of 'idea theft' regarding that idea will be thouroughly ignored.

Having said all of that... take care, and have a pleasant day.
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