GUIDELINES / RULES for posting in this forum

This is the place for people to research themes and ideas for their mods as well as for others to post their suggestions for mod makers to make use of.

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GUIDELINES / RULES for posting in this forum

Post by jbouley » Wed Jan 14, 2004 9:35 pm

This forum is designed to help provide modders with assistance in their mod ideas and concepts for their mods. For example, help with item names, with storylines and with questions about whether certain ideas seem workable or even possible. Things like that

However, please have some idea of what you need before you post and ask for help.

To simply ask, "please give me ideas for item names" or "I need an idea for my mod" or things like that is not useful. Other modders here cannot do your thinking for you, nor can they read your mind. Ask for more specific things and have some general idea of what kind of theme or mythological basis your mod will have.

For example, good questions might be:

"Please provide me with suggestions for names of sorc-only cloaks, assassin-only boots and paladin-only armor."

"I am planning a Babylonian mythology based mod. I need a little help identifying a complete list of gods' name, heroes' names and weapon/armor types appropriate to the period."

"I am thinking of making an arena-style mod. Is this even possible with current modding knowledge and tools?"

"I am looking for unique item names for swords, staves, torso armor and helmets. The themes should be angelic, demonic and elemental in nature."

And so on.

Again, please do not ask overly broad questions that call upon other people to do all your thinking for you. If you cannot even come up with the basic concept for you mod and have some idea of what interests you in terms of concepts, you should reconsider whether you are ready to mod yet.
-Jeff Bouley
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