Diablo 2 Ideas

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Diablo 2 Ideas

Post by MarvinC » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:25 pm

Add 2 very strong Potions (Life and Mana potions remain) of which only one can be active at a time:
(make the effect very long lasting and the potions to drop very often if possible)
The player will handle a big part of the defense with using the suiting potion for each enemy encounter.

Potion 1 (physical melee enemy oriented): Adds Defense %, DR%, Physical DR, Increased Chance to block, Chance to Evade Melee Attacks
Potion 2 (elemental enemy oriented): Adds All and Magical Res %, Elemental Absorb %, Poison Length Red., MDR, Chance to Evade Ranged Attacks

There is no gravity in Diablo 2 so movement is pretty boring.
Enemies might be able to create obstacles (like fence formations or single rocks for example) during combat
requiring the player to maneuver around to avoid getting trapped inside or reach monsters.

Give each character strong single and multi target melee, ranged and elemental attacks resulting in at least
about 6 attacking skills for different situations per character.

Make all monsters immune or highly resistant to 4/6 damage types (for example single target melee or multi target elemental are damage types)
and weak to the remaining 2/6 damage types.
This requires the player to react to the monster he faces and learn to memorize what each monsters weakness is.
This way you have a learning process with each new monster you face.

To be continued.

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