More thoughts on mod concept

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More thoughts on mod concept

Post by Doub » Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:12 pm

This is a realistic approach to gaming. Keep that in mind reading below :)

Source of power
First of all i believe that in games when it comes to skills everything has to cost something. Either its stamina or mana. It bugs me when i see skills/actions that cost nothing. It just doesnt make sense. You cant hit/run forever, at some point u'll run out of strength, and the same for magic ofc. I have seen skills that cost nothing just because they are physical, or at least the damage they do is considered physical. But this doesnt make sense. Barbarian's Leap attack is physical but he has to have a source of power from where he draws strength to jump like that. Jumping tires you so it should either cost stamina or mana. It does makes sense and it adds to the game pros.

So basically what i was thinking was that i would like to see a mod where running (as it does now) but also hitting cost stamina or even mana (since the world is magical).

I also like the idea that skills have no cd. It makes sense. If u can punch a bag 100 times in a raw, do it. You shouldnt have cd that limits you. So what will determine how many attacks u will be able to make will be your source of power (stamina/mana). So the game will depend on doing the right skills the right moment on the right enemies.
But cooldowns can also make sense if you replace Source of power with Cooldowns. In this case whats happening is that skills have no longer costs (mana/stamina) but they have cds depending on how powerful they are. I hope you can see the different perspective here that replaces costs with cooldowns.
I peronally prefer the first, because its more simple, makes more sense and makes the game more dynamic and more strategic.

How to create a game that gives you plenty of room for build choices.
We''ll take D2 as example. D2 is a class based game which first of all means that the statistical differences, the class advantages/disadvantages MUST be there. I say this by having a certain D2 mod in my mind (kind of unfinished though but with great idea behind) which i saddly cannnot remember the name. In that mod Barb was awfuly weak with bow/crossbows. He had no chance to hit and attack speed, which makes absolute sense and fits the class. Barb and the bow/crossnow is just an example. Think the same approach for every class and u'll see how much uniqueness is being added to the game.

Secondly, after you have set the classess' differences you lower all the stats as much as possible but always keep those diffferences that determine each class. By stats i mean, critical, attack speed etc etc. Why low? you give them as low base stats as possible so that the players can invest on the stats they want to raise. So for example if attack speed and criticals are low, one player might choose to invest to criticals for offense while the other might choose attack speed. Critical chance and attack speed are just examples, could be any stats, from armor reduction to block chance/power etc etc.
But once again i want to remind that the differences that determine each class have to there! if those basic differences that determine the classes are lost then the meaning of classes is being lost.

those for now :)

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Re: More thoughts on mod concept

Post by Desocupado » Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:44 pm

If I'm not mistaken stamina is bugged when spent from a skill. (but you could add a synergy based on current % stamina - or when above a certain stamina amount)
so you probably want to stick with mana or do some code edit.
-A soft approach to that running mechanic is: remove run-walk speed difference, give an aura-like skill called running that spends mana every couple of frames and give move speed.
-D1 was different - You could run, and characters moved in different speeds. Personally I find D2's areas too big (even more so the outdoor areas).
Doub" wrote:I personally prefer the first, because its more simple, makes more sense and makes the game more dynamic and more strategic.
I wouldn't call diablo 2 strategic - but I suppose it can be with the right tweaks. Stuff is too repeatable in D2 (think on how many mobs with exactly the same composition you face in each area)
I think D1 felt more strategic.

On the class-stats options:
Am interest approach would be giving each character different stats to invest on - perhaps assassin has dodge, critical, attack speed and resource pool while the barbarian has damage reduction, increased damage, resource regeneration and life regeneration.

You probably should look at this Whist Mod Mana Concept
and Thoughts/Ideas for modders

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