No {filtered} items - how would it work?

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No {filtered} items - how would it work?

Post by heisenzwerg » Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:55 pm


I for one dont like that in games like D2, Torchlight, Dungeon Siege ect there are an abundance of {filtered}

Like, why even have so many possibilities if only one gets chosen by 99% of players.

Lets keep it simple and talk about D2C.

Here we have a good example in the Spear-Weapons

Because the only spear that's good is Lance.

So if only a Lance is a good spear, why even make other spears drop? And its not like "well the Lance makes 5% more damage", its so broken that even a Pike did more damage then a Yari.

I hope for some ideas or a small discussion on how to make full use of all itemtypes.

An example would be 2hand Staff vs Orb in LoD.

Maybe 2hand Staffs should gain a unique bonus which is only available with 2hand. Maybe Elementary Block or sthing like that. Or maybe make Spells dependant on weapondamage, so 2hand can be a good offensive choice and Orb+Shield the defensive.

What you think?

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Re: No {filtered} items - how would it work?

Post by Desocupado » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:34 am

You could remove all but one types of the same weapon and control weapon damage with affixes (I.e. only 5% max bonus at level 3 then 10% at level 6 and so on)

Usually nightmare and beyond weapons have balanced weapon damage per weapon base attack speed, for instance lance is the slowest spear.

You can make staves grants either some form of bonus damage as auto magic (like having +40% elements damage) or slow down cast animations with shields.

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