Diablo 2 Brainstorm Mod

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Diablo 2 Brainstorm Mod

Post by blooded » Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:15 am

So I do this as experiment. I don't really know nothing about modding nor have the time to learn so much and build such a big project alone. I'm asking you if you're willing to help me out. The mod will be bigger than Hell Unleashed with many crazy ideas and concepts.

The idea here is to bring together as many people as we can. Then we start brainstorming methods on how to implement the ideas I suggest to be included in that mod and then you start pouring your knowledge all over the thread: Telling me how to make the concepts into reality or better yet help me even more and make some parts of the edits on your own.

If many people are up to that and everyone contribute with small things this could be fun, productive and not pressuring for nobody at all. let's use a beta version name for the mod: Diablo 2 Brainstorm!

We should start with the basic stuff first. But before I suggest any kind of edits, I need to know who is willing to join and contribute to this project no matter how much! It will be greatly appreciated!

Just say "I'm in" and when we reach reasonable number of :idea: brainstormers :idea: we could start! Happy Holidays!

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