Redemption Oddities

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Redemption Oddities

Post by mmpx222 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:58 pm

I found a couple of interesting things about Redemption, while attempting to make this skill more useful. Thought I'd share it for fun and future reference. These findings were tested on cLoD 1.13c.

Firstly, you can put negative values in calc2 (hp gain) and calc3 (mana gain). You can make Redemption spend mana to heal you, spend HP to heal your mana, or spend both for each corpse consumed. (Un)fortunately, you can't commit suicide; if Redemption reduces your HP below zero, it rolls over to maximum possible value (32767). In this state, any damage will instantly kill you, and quaffing a healing potion will heal you starting from zero HP. This rollover can be easily prevented with a HP cost formula like this:

Code: Select all

This particular formula takes 100 HP per corpse, but ensures that it never falls below 1.

Secondly, the skill function (srvdofunc=65) seems to ignore all aurastat# and aurastatcalc# columns. I tried changing aurafilter to no avail (it also breaks Redemption, don't change it). However, passivestat# and passivecalc# work--you will receive those stats when Redemption is active, and you don't have to assign anything to passivestate.

If you do assign a separate passivestate, Redemption will passively provide the passivestats. It will apply the passivestats twice when it is active, for a double of the passivecalc# amount in total. However, there is a small glitch: if you exit and re-enter a game with Redemption active, it will only apply the passivestats once--you have to turn Redemption off and on to make it double the stats as expected.
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