[File Guide] - LvlWarp.txt [v1.1x]

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[File Guide] - LvlWarp.txt [v1.1x]

Post by Drac0 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:29 am

LvlWarp.txt File Guide [v1.1x]
By Drac0
v1.1, 12 Oct 2011

LvlWarp.txt deals with what happens when you move between different levels of a game using cave entrances/exits, stairs, the Act 2 trapdoors and such. This is called warping simply because it ‘warps’ you to a different location in the actspace. It has nothing to do with TP’s, waypoints or moving between surface areas (act 1 wilderness areas etc). A warp tile is a special hidden wall tile on a map to facilitate moving between one area & another. It is possible to add your own warp types to this file.

A big thank you to Paul Siramy. His win_ds1edit tutorial contains very detailed information about this file & is the main reference for the following information. If you want to actually SEE what the following details mean, check out ‘A New Tent Warp’ in the tutorial.

Name: (comment only) A description of the warp, where it’s used & the direction (left/right, up/down).

ID: Index for the warp type. Referenced by Levels.txt using ‘WarpX’ columns.

SelectX/SelectY: The upper left corner of the warps active area (where you mouse will highlight/activate the warp). This position is in pixels & based off the bottom corner of the sub-tile specified in OffsetX/OffsetY below.

SelectDX/SelectDY: The width & height of the warp active area, to the right & down from the SelectX/SelectY position. Again measured in pixels.

ExitWalkX/ExitWalkY: Sets the position a character will automatically walk to after exiting the warp unless interrupted by the player clicking elsewhere. This is measured in sub-tiles from the base position of the warp (OffsetX/OffsetY). This position does not need to be on the special warp tile, you can make the character walk some distance if you wish. NOTE: each tile on a map is made up of a 5x5 grid of sub-tiles, numbered from 0,0 to 4,4.

OffsetX/OffsetY: This sets the base sub-tile for the warp – ie the position a player will spawn on exit. Sub-tile 0,0 is the top centre of the tile, X counts down to the right & Y down to the left. Again, this doesn’t need to be on the special warp tile, you can spawn the player away from the tile if needed. See Act 2 Town to Sewer Dock/Act 2 Sewer Dock to Town where this happens.

LitVersion: Controls whether the game swaps images for the tile on mouse-over to highlight the warp. 0 = do nothing, 1 = swap tiles/highlight. This is hardcoded to the warp ID so you can’t add highlighting to warps that don’t have it or new warps.

Tiles: If LitVersion is set to true (1) this number is added to the subindex of the tile in the dt1 (tile set) to specify which tile to use for highlighting the warp. This additional tile is hidden when loaded and only made visible when the mouse pointer hovers over the warp.
Thanks to Mentor for explaining this.

Direction: The orientation of the warp, l = left, r = right & b = both. The special warp tiles have orientations that are either left (10) or right (11). If you set this column to l or r you must ensure you use a tile with the same orientation. Setting it to ‘b’ allows the use of tiles with either orientation. Left & right orientation is only used on some expansion warps & always come in pairs sharing the same ID.

Beta: (comment only) Was this warp used in the beta? Just another form of the EOL column in other files.

Comments & corrections welcomed.

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