random out of chosen items output, cubemain.txt

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random out of chosen items output, cubemain.txt

Post by sonic » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:51 pm

is it possible to put certain items from uniqueitems.txt in a group (like misc, armo, weap in itemtypes.txt) to then randomly output one of them when using the cube to transmute?

i have seen in armor.txt that items can have a second type (type2)
so i was thinking to give diadem corona etc a second type and also add it in itemtypes.txt
and use that to then output in cubemain input 1 hpot output "!pro,uni" 99 99
when i tried to enter the game, it just froze x)
probably have done something wrong or its not possible that way.

itemtypes.txt putting chosen items in one group without breaking the game mechanics
would solve it as i could then output something like "armo,uni" 99 99 or "weap,uni" 99 99
ofc with the new created group.
i have tried a few things and it didn't work out..

any advice/ideas/guides appreciated

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