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Help with Custom

Post by Kottonmouth » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:03 pm

I'm trying to make a custom jewel that looks like the unused "jawbone" image so it can be socketed into items.

My problem is, I can get my item to spawn perfectly besides it still looks like a jewel instead of the jawbone image.

When i finally get it to spawn as a jawbone image the mods of my jewel are not present and all the Jawbone says is "Jawbone" when you pick it up and does not have my custom name.

any idea where i may have gone wrong?

I'm thinking the Jawbone in misc.txt is overriding my unique jawbone entry in uniqueitems.txt..
or is it my treasureclass.txt because i was trying to force the wrong item to drop?

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Re: Help with Custom

Post by sonic » Fri May 02, 2014 11:08 am

did you try to use the flippyfile and invfile columns in uniqueitems.txt?
also do you want it to be a jewel or a new code that acts like a jewel?
you can use the jew code for it in uniqueitems.txt
also check if you have not messed up the properties on the jewel
that can cause it not to spawn
easiest way to spawn them is via cube recipe
output "jew,uni" 99 99 99
to have a custom name displayed you need a tbl editor
location data/local/LNG/yourlanguage(ENG?)/patchstring.tbl

add new line
name name

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