[UPD] CellConv + Source vv1.1

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[UPD] CellConv + Source vv1.1

Post by Volf » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:42 am


we have an updated download!

Description: This tool will convert all *.PCX and *.BMP files in the current directory to *.DC6, this is intended for mass conversion of item graphics, you only have to ensure all the files are in the same directory. It also supports an advanced mode using a config file, where you can specify the transparency index, whenever there will be transparency at all and the offsets for each direction (like CV5 does for DCC files) --- sure DC6Creator can also do all this, but you have to set the offsets by hand for every frame which isn\'t what I\'d call practical most of the time.


Category: Image Editing

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Have fun!
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