Merge DCC 1.8 OR HighPriest .cof trouble

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Merge DCC 1.8 OR HighPriest .cof trouble

Post by Void Weaver » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:34 pm

Hi there,

I tried to merge the cast animation of Council Member from HPTRLITS1HTH.dcc (cast moves) and HPS1LITS1HTH.dcc (red lightnings), by using Merge DCC 1.8

Merge_dcc.ini config:

Code: Select all

but it turns a some error:
this layer is not present in the COF
Line : S1=LIT
IIUC, the problem lays in the HPS1HTH.cof itself, right?

If it so, can anybody send me a correct .cof? If I am wrong, then what happens there and how it can be fixed?

Btw, is there a some other (a better ofc) tool for merging DCC?

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