How To Get Rid Of Delay After Foh And Before Tele?

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How To Get Rid Of Delay After Foh And Before Tele?

Post by Progon » Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:42 pm

sup, guys. i got a question and maybe u can help me

imagine a private d2 server

so there is such thing as a delay (say between using two foh's/ blizzard's/cano's)
there is such trick in pvp: u smite a guy, foh him and stomp right after to kill him with hammers. but after foh - there is this 1 sec delay before u can use Teleport
any ideas how to get rid of it?
setting "0" in "delay column" in skills.txt only on clients side will make u spam foh's all over when actually on server the delay still exists
setting "0" both on server's and on client's patch_d2.mpq will allow u spam foh's and canos all over for real
what I need is to get rid of delay after foh and before TELE (not foh)
how did the fix it on eud2pk?
plz? :(


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