Help with strange potion bug ?!

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Help with strange potion bug ?!

Post by JayBrainDead » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:57 am

Alright so I was getting to a point where I was pretty satisfied with all the changes I made to the game tested for a few minutes and everything was fine, so I decided pack it into the d2_patch.mpq.

Im now scared that something went VERY wrong because I cant use any hp pots ,mana pots or revuvs either from belt or inventory. When I Look at their description it shows 0 value for all sizes of pots and they are not drinkable anymore. Same thing goes for stamina potions but not antidotes and thawing potions.

What happenned am I missing a file or something ? The only probable cause I could think of is that my itemtypes.bin file was either missing or corrupted so I tried to replace it by a version i had backed up a long time ago ( I hope its clean ) but that still didnt solve the issues. What could be linked to this ?

I'm worried that if i cant figure it out i might have to start WAY back :(
Edit: Restoring itemtypes didnt solve this issues
I also noticed since then that I occasinally get a ''0 Gold'' drop which is also really strange I can click on it but it doesnt grant me any gold

Edit: There is probably a strong link between the 2. Also I havent made any changes that i can think of since the last time i was able to drink potions execpt for packing my files into mpq.
I Found out that I was wearing an item with a -xx% gold from monster and that is what cause theese weird occurences, still taking apart everyfile to find what is wrong with potions
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Re: Help with strange potion bug ?!

Post by devurandom » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:34 pm

check if compact save is disabled for those item types.
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Re: Help with strange potion bug ?!

Post by JayBrainDead » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:48 am

It is enabled for all of those items.

Oh well I was wondering if I should port my mod to 1.14d, if I must start over I guess now would be time ^^ the only thing I liked better about 1.13d is plugy enabled uber and world event. If i some point I manage to patch it in myself that wont be necessary

Edit : I now figured out what file was causing the potion bug, it wasnt itemtypes like I initially thought but misc.bin thank god i didnt have many thing changed from the original this should be easily fixed if i just export a clean one and rebuild it :) Everything should be fine

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