Shadow Warrior's AI Micro-Compendium

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Shadow Warrior's AI Micro-Compendium

Post by Ogodei » Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:58 pm

Hello :)

A recent thread by Jaygore made me test around with the Shadow Warrior's AI and I found some nice features about it.

1. AI Params
Of the AI Params specified in monstats, I have been able to trace 3 of them for now:

Code: Select all

AIParam 1: Difficulty dependant, handles the target's selection radius: The bigger, the more aggressive the AI will be; the smaller, the closest the enemy must be to trigger the AI to attack.

AIParam 2: Difficulty dependant, handles the minion's leashing distance to the owner. When in combat, if the distance from the owner exceeds AIParam 2 the AI will disengage to follow him.

AIParam 8: Doesn't depend on difficulty, but see point 3.
AIParam 3, 4, 8(N) and 8(H) seem totally unused. Maybe early development leftovers? I will dig through during these days and see.

Like many other minions, the Shadow Warrior will warp to you if the distance exceeds 50 sub tiles.

2. AI Types
To my surprise, it turns out that the Shadow Warrior's AI uses AITypes (I thought that they were exclusive to the master). The (big) difference is that the AITypes don't state which skills the Warrior will use, but how she will use them, provided that the skills are specific for your class (so, no Oskill can be used by this minion).

Code: Select all

AIType 1 = checks if the AuraState given by the skill is currently active before attempting to cast.
This AIType, in vanilla, is assigned to Burst of Speed and Fade, and therefore the Shadow Warrior will cast the skill only once, and recast it when the bonuses expire.

AIType 2 = checks if the AuraTargetState of the skill is active on the enemy. This one is likely intended for curses, as the AI will avoid getting stuck in casting the curse multiple times.

AIType 4 = Approach and use this skill only when in melee range

AIType 5 = Only cast this skill when outside melee range
NOTE: All the other AITypes (up to 13) work exactly like AIType 5.

3. Skill usage

As mentioned before, the Shadow Warrior will mimic every owner-specific class skill the players have in the left and right mouse buttons. However, this minion gets 1\2 of your skill level (including boni). So, the basic formula is:

Shadow sLvl = Owner sLvl / 2

However, if AIP8 (normal) is filled with whichever Skill ID you own (not necessarily the summoning skill) the formula will turn into the following:

Shadow sLvl = Owner sLvl / 2 + (AIParam8 sLvl / 4)

Meaning the shadow will get a total sLvl of half of yours and a bonus of 1\5 of the skill stated in AIP 8.

[To do]
- Find the meaning for aip 3, 4, 8(N), 8(H) [probably unused]

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