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DruidBear's AI Micro-Compendium

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:41 pm
by Ogodei
Hi :)

I've been testing around with the Druid Bear's AI. Here's the mini-guide for it. It is rather a simple minion, but handles some nice features.

The leashing with this pet is strictly hardcoded, meaning you won't be able to alter it via AIParams like you'd do with the Shadow Warrior or the Shadow Master: the leash consists of 3 elements:

50 sub-tiles in order to warp at you
28 sub-tiles to disengage and run at you
16 sub-tiles to start following you when disengaged (no, the bear won't move as soon as you walk, but is lazy enough to wait for you to be further than 17 sub tiles).

The AIParams of the AI do the following

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AIParam1 : Difficulty dependant, Stall Time during attacks: This needs to match the A1 animation of your minion's dcc file, or it will produce odd results like attacking twice with a single skill.
AIParam2 : Difficulty dependant, Chance to gain a 40% speed boost while approaching.
AIParam3 : Difficulty dependant, Use Skill1 (and therefore Sk1Mode) instead of regular attack, which always uses A1.
AIParams 4 and 5 are set to 0 in monstats.txt, but they're unused, not even retrieved by the code.

Happy modding!