The Vines AI Micro-Compendium

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The Vines AI Micro-Compendium

Post by Ogodei » Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:58 am

Hello :)

Here you find all that you need to know when setting a minion that use the Vines AI:

There are a few hardcoded features about it:

- It checks for enemies that are Poisoned (state ID#2)
- It flees from enemies that are Poisoned (state ID#2), as if searching for other targets

- It was supposed to check for the enemy's poison resist and flee from immunes, but due to a bug this doesn't happen

That said, this AI comes in handy for simple summons that only use the same skill.

Code: Select all

Aip1 : Difficulty Dependant, Delay between attacks
Aip2 : Difficulty Dependant, Target Range check
Aip3 : Difficulty Dependant, Stall time when following the owner
Aip4 : Difficulty Dependant, Flee  by AIP4# steps from poisoned enemies.
Aip5 : Difficulty Dependant,  Owner's warp leash

The Vines AI thinks like a Melee Monster: it will approach and then use SK1 when in Melee Range. However, you can make ranged pets out of this AI, by changing their MeleeRng in Monstats2.txt to a big value like 40-50. This will make your pets always think they're in melee range, and therefore use SK1 to cast bolts, lightning or whatever you assign them.
NOTE: A similar workaround does NOT work with the DruidBear, as that AI will always check if the path between itself and the target is walkable, and therefore won't cast skills from the opposite side of, say, a wall or a river.

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