Looking for Crosslinking Tutorial

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Looking for Crosslinking Tutorial

Post by clueso » Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:03 pm


I wanna add x% weapon damage, flat damage and attack rating to Multishot and obviously it did not work with just editing the skills.txt so I searched around a bit on this forum and people were talking about that in order to do the things I listed above you have to crosslink Multishot with a new missile skill that you create in missiles.txt (or something like that)

However, nowhere could I find a tutorial on how to crosslink or what the steps are that are needed to achieve this. I read the "The Dark Art of Crosslinking" thread from Nefarius, but there he only says what crosslinking can be used for and how useful it is, but not how it is done.

Can anyone refer me to a tutorial with a step by step guide that shows how it is done or explain it to me in this thread on the example of Multishot?

That would be awesome!

Thank you.

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