Need help with recipe

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Need help with recipe

Post by Rexxar » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:44 pm

I use this plugin for my sp mod and i want to roll gcs directly from bag instead of putting the gc and 3pgem every time.
I was shared a possible solution but I have some issues with it and maybe there is a different more simple approach to it. Current way requires a new custom magic item that holds the gc information so when cubing gc alone the result will be this new item that is magic and allows to declare exact item info. If you transmute this new item again the result will be the gc + a high ivl making it unusable during roll and the converted magic item to an unique one which restores the gc later on and once you save it it makes it usable again. 3 recipes enable this functionality
If you cube gc+customItem+bag with gems it should extract gems and reroll for as many gems you have then when you are satisfied with the roll result you take out the bag and tansmute the skiller and the unique custom item in bag to save the roll result and restore back the gc to an usable level as the custom item adds and take away +100 levels to avoid abuse
below i am posting the lines I currently use but some inputs seem to be missing as it doesn't cube correctly


What i want to achieve is to use the bag as a source of gems (3 of same type in this case) for this recipe 3 Perfect Gems + 1 Magic Item = 1 New Random Magic Item of the Same Type and hit transmute button over and over instead of placing the 3 gems every time

I'd appreciate some help, thanks in advance.

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Post by Kellyphymn » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:09 am

Assuming this is a real question, you simply use the READ command to get input from a user, and the WRITE command to prompt with the old value.

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Re: Need help with recipe

Post by Rexxar » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:40 pm

Kellyphymn, mind elaborating this according to the progress I posted so far?

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