Increasing Inventory Size

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Increasing Inventory Size

Post by tmuhlhausen » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:57 am

Fixed the issue, from my standpoint it seems the game is verifying both inventory setups for the 2 different resolutions. Basically i only had edited the fields in inventory.txt for the max resolution of the game. Setting all to the proper values for all of the characters settings for both resolutions, fixed the problem. short form... make sure you change the low resolution settings AS WELL as the higher resolution settings in inventory.txt do not only change one set

Hey there, just curious if anyone can help. Ive been able to successfully rebuild the inventory but having an issue as i have added 2 new rows but cant seem to figure out why the bottom are red when trying to place an item in them, might be a stupid question even but I spent about an hour and a half, messing with the values in inventory.txt still cant seem to get it to work.

This is my layout:


I also have attached a picture of my inventory.txt:


Thanks for your time

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