How to change the model of the Druid summons

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How to change the model of the Druid summons

Post by michael_and » Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:19 pm

I am trying to switch out the raven model from the druid summon with the bunny model from act 5 on version 1.14d

as of yet I have been unable to fine any guides to point me in the right direction, through I did find some topics about adding a monster with the bunny model however that has not been enough for me to figure it out.

My biggest probem is that I am not sure where the raven model, animation and AI is defined for the skill, nor how much of them I have to change in order to get them to function. but I am still looking though the txt files trying to see what is defined where.

So I was wondering if anyone has a mod or guide to changing the model summoned that they wouldnt mind sharing?

Best regards and thank you

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