Something about CoS crashes

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Something about CoS crashes

Post by Nagahaku » Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:13 am

I have tested and found something interesting about assassin's CoS crash bugs, mainly it's some conflicts with specific monster skills...
The first conflict skill is "Nest", almost every spawning monsters with "Nest" skill would cause a crash when cloaked by CoS, and very interesting that a pretty similar spawning skill "MinionSpawner" is perfectly working with CoS, just replace "Nest" with "MinionSpawner" in monstats would fix the problem...
And I also found what causing the crash on Arreat Summit is some conflict with skills "Whirlwind" and "Leap Attack", removing them from monstats would avoid the crashes, but I can't find similar skills to replace them, "Leap" would also cause a crash.
I don't know how to modify .dll files, the above is the only thing I can do with txt...

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Re: Something about CoS crashes

Post by Cypress » Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:47 pm

I believe that crash is caused by any monster that uses a skill with SQ in the anim column. You can probably fix most of the skills by cloning them, giving the cloned skill to monsters and changing anim from SQ to something else (or maybe Sk#mode, but from what you are saying you only had to change the skill itself, from Nest which uses SQ to MinionSpawner which uses A1). I would test it myself to see if I could fix it, but I can't find a way to replicate that crash.

EDIT: Actually, nevermind. Most skills that use sequences won't function without the sequence, so this fix wouldn't work in most cases. Leap and Leap Attack seem to outright break if you use A1 and Whirlwind becomes very slow but kind of functions.

Okay, everything I said was wrong. I figured out how to replicate the crash every time and it seems that while only sequenced skills cause the crash, not all sequenced skills do so. As such, it seems that the only softcoded way of fixing it is to find a skill that works identically but doesn't crash (as you did with Nest and MonsterSpawner) and set any monsters without possible replacements to be ignored by the AuraFilter (by default, Cloak of Shadows doesn't target enemies with Boss=1 in MonStats.txt).

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