GODLY-rare detection:ON

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GODLY-rare detection:ON

Post by schnuppy » Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:00 am

Hi all!

This is an easy one for the most here i guess... but i simply dont have the knowledge... so maybe someone here could give me a hand please:

I dont have the time to id 10 mil rares first before i finally get one of those nice items +450%dmg, eth, selfrepair, foolsmod, ect... and on the other hand i dont like to miss the chance for them. But i want to find them by my own, thats the magic in D2 for me, so no botting.

Like i read somewhere, the stats are set before identifikation, so it shouldnt be that difficult to make a AHK script, which screens all stats from the drops, and if a desired stat occurs (i.e. +450%dmg), then it sends a key (i.e. the H-Button for the repeated help screen). I already made a few small scripts with AHK for D2 with the easiest commands... but here i really dont know how to approach.

Maybe someone here can help me, or can even post the few required lines or commands, that i need? (And i play 1.13c, SP, with PlugY, D2SE and Multires, already using a "D3-skills script", the BH-Hack and occasionally speeding the game up with CE... )

I tried to implemented that feature in the BH-hack already... didnt work.
So... any suggestions?

EDIT: If noone can help me, an other solution would be, to let all loot drop identified... then the thing with BH-{filtered} would work... it wouldnt be the most elegant solution, but i would be happy :)
Maybe someone knows how to do that.

EDIT2: Ok, i solved it by myself now by making all drops identified, the BH-hack works that way and is costumizable... for all who want to know how:


In this compilation, you can find the "ItemsDropIdentified" file which tells you what to do.
You need to open the D2game.dll with a hex editor and change the value like its described in the file.

Cheers :)

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