Maggotqueen/Coldworm questions

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Maggotqueen/Coldworm questions

Post by Riv » Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:59 pm

1. What makes Coldworm poison & curse immune, and unable to move? Monstats only have 120% poison resistance on hell, 4 velocity, and nothing in monprops etc. Superuniques has cold enchanted/magic resistant which explains 115% cold res.
It doesn't seem to be part of superunique hardcoded ID, since it keeps the immunity after swapping IDs with another monster.

2. What's preventing maggotqueen1 from spawning when added to levels.txt?

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Re: Maggotqueen/Coldworm questions

Post by Cypress » Tue Apr 06, 2021 3:57 pm

a. Srvdofunc=30, which most curses use, has a hidden feature that makes it not apply a state on non-walking monsters (in monstats2.txt, mWL=0).
b. The AI doesn't move because it isn't a moving AI and also it can't because mWL=0. I don't think it has an anim for walking either, so you'd have to add in one (or I guess you could also make it teleport/burrow around).
c. I'm not noticing poison immunity on maggotqueen1 from my tests, but I'm also testing against non-superunique versions of Coldworm. This behavior might be from her superunique status somehow.

2) In monstats.txt, monsters must have IsSpawn=1 and Rarity>0 to spawn.

Thanks for these questions, I didn't know about that weird srvdofunc=30 behavior until you brought this up.

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