Set item stat display bug [Solved]

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Set item stat display bug [Solved]

Post by GreenHeaven » Mon Oct 11, 2021 10:24 am

This must have been discussed somewhere but I can't find out how to fix it.

Remember the vanilla IK Set ? When you wear all 6 items, the IK Maul stats does not display when you point it with the mouse cursor.

I got the same problem with a custom 5-piece set. Both scepter & pala shield display nothing. I removed a couple of modifiers on the set AND on the items, yet it doesnt show up.

Any suggestions ? Thanks !

EDIT: Problem solved, I had to remove a lot of modifiers. The scepter can display 18 lines of modifiers (blue (item solo bonus)+green (set partial bonus)+golden text (full set bonus)

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