Skill description question

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Skill description question

Post by kulasdq » Mon Nov 14, 2022 3:55 am

In the misscalc.txt, there are 4 codes that are supposed to show physical damage for description purpose.
damn damage min
damx damage max
dmns "damage min, 256ths"
dmxs "damage max, 256ths"
After some testing, it seems the game cannot read those codes. Basically, I added some physical damage to inferno and arctic blast. And in the skilldesc, I added something to make the skill show 'Average Damage: xx-yy Every Second,' where I used the above codes in place of 'xx' and 'yy'. The result is that the skill can't show the physical damage properly. If I changed the codes to 'edns/ edxs' or 'enms/ exms', there will be a 2nd line of fire/ cold damage. With some simple calculation, I can make it match the elemental damage that's already in the game. so at least it shows I didnt mess up with the skill description format. Looks like only code 9 can read physical damage, but it's not good for inferno or ground fire type skill. And I dont find Blizzard uses any of those 4 codes in the original skilldesc file.
Just wondering if there's any turnaround for this....

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