The game fails to read recent changes to skillicon.dc6 after transferring a mod from another computer.

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The game fails to read recent changes to skillicon.dc6 after transferring a mod from another computer.

Post by OrderOfTheScribble » Thu May 25, 2023 6:57 pm

I've recently been updating one of my old practice (read: not intended for release) mods that I originally started on my previous computer. All my txt edits have worked so far, but when I tried to add new item only skills and give them icons, the game crashes when I open the skill selection after gaining those new skills. This means the new skills are missing icons, which means the edits I made to skillicon.dc6 aren't read by the game. Here's some additional info:
  • To confirm it was a failure to read the changes and not a bug of the new icons, I replaced an existing icon with one of the new icons and edited skilldesc.txt to make the new skill point to the location of the replaced icon. In-game, this made the new skill no longer crash, but it showed the old icon.
  • I used DC6 Creator for dc6 editing. Normally, this program works for dc6 editing, but when I saved the skillicon.dc6 in question, the game acted like I didn't edit the file.
  • In case it was a permission issue, I went to skillicon.dc6 and gave users full control, but the game still failed to read the changes. I've had to give users full control of ini files I copied before I could edit them, which is why I tried it here.
The end result is that there's a desync between the skillicon.dc6 read by the game (which doesn't have the changes) and the version of the file I see on DC6 Creator. Is there any way to resync the files? I don't mind redoing the changes as long as I can get the game to read them.

EDIT: I was able to solve this issue by opening DC6 Creator as an administrator. When I did that, I saw the version of the file the game was reading and was able to edit that. What I don't get is why the program would show a fake version of the file when not opened as an administrator instead of just reverting the changes when a permission error makes such changes unread.

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