Rerolling upgraded uniques

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Rerolling upgraded uniques

Post by strafano » Mon Dec 25, 2023 2:39 am

I want to reroll the stats of an upgraded unique item. It is possible? When I try, my upgraded unique item (e.g. exceptional Undead Crown - grand crown) converts to Crown of the Thieves instead of being rerolled.
If not possible, it is then possible to exclude rerolling of upgraded uniques?

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Re: Rerolling upgraded uniques

Post by Cypress » Wed Dec 27, 2023 12:39 am

If I'm understanding properly, you'll want:

For retaining exceptional on upgraded base:
input: any,upg,exc
output: useitem,mod,reg,exc

For retaining elite on upgraded base and exceptional:
input: any,upg,eli
output: useitem,mod,reg,eli

'any' can be substituted with whatever you want, probably 'armo' and 'weap'.

EDIT: Actually, I don't think it works with downgraded items. Also I wrote bas instead of exc/eli for some reason, should be correct now.

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