Ah what a welcome plethora of changes!

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Ah what a welcome plethora of changes!

Post by LordTemjin » Mon Jun 02, 2003 6:12 am

Hello, my good friend, and congrats on getting adminhood!

Ive just got XyRAX again, and it holds true to the XyRAX name bringing in gameplay change with great back up items, but not JUST an item mod or a silly overpowered skill mod.

I have to admit, Nef, I never expected it to get this good man. Kudos to you for bringing in originality back into the realm of d2 modding!

I can only imagine what changes could be possible with the next patch. But then again, you can only go up :)

Later man, keep up the good work!

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Re: Ah what a welcome plethora of changes!

Post by Nefarius » Wed Jun 04, 2003 5:32 pm

Ty (:mrgreen:)

True true, the future will tell what I will create,
But indeed, the next version of XyRAX (and a big second mod) (they will possibly fuse BUT no more words on this) will probably go beyond everything else I created until now, (atleast thats one of the main plans)

I do think the development time will be quite long, as I don't like converting files over, its always better to start from scratch to smash bugs that may have rested undiscovered in the old stuff.

But one thing I can already say, it will be harder then the current version, but in a more even way.

Overally, I will try to follow similar concepts as I did with all previous versions, but it will go more into the extreme, I will try to keep the code changes as minimal as possible, so that more people will be able to play the mod. (which will be easy with 1.10, because most of the skill and missile stuff will be softcoded)
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