Rerry Strange (albeit totally cool) Bug

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Rerry Strange (albeit totally cool) Bug

Post by Will_Frag_For_Cash » Wed Oct 15, 2003 10:43 pm

:twisted: First, the bug. Alright, here I was, with me Pally down in "I Wonder What's Down There..." (from the caves in the Tomao Highland). I just started on Nightmare (kinda really new to the mod), and I'm just hacking away with my lvl 48 and not doing real bad. Suddenly, one of those Champion Vortex Lords drop a green pair of Sharkskin Gloves. I got a bit excited, as I don't have that good of stuff and my gloves that I had on weren't the best...Gravepalm, which, as you know, gives like +175 to mana or something like that. So I pick up the Sharkskins that just dropped, identify em, and I think they were Magnus's Skin or something, but anyway, the gloves don't give any +to mana, but I'm a Paladin, and the 20% IAS seemed nice. I put em on, and in so doing, I not only take off my Graves, but my mana meter thing blanks out to nothing, and when I hover over it, the numbers are going kookie, with something like a number thats going from 1000 to 4000 really really fast, with the denomonater being like 30 000 or something. So now I'm stuck with an empty mana meter, but unlimited mana. Not bad for a bug. Or something.

:twisted: Crazed :twisted:

P.S. I also have Silks of the Victor on, and when I take those off, my mana goes to 0/-6. Kinda wierd, big buddy.
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