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Post by Will_Frag_For_Cash » Wed Oct 15, 2003 11:51 pm

;) Well, you know, I can't say that I'm an expert, and I won't say that I'm an idiot, either, but I've picked up a few tricks along the way with my Paladin, and that's probably what character I'll focus on. Anyone else that wants to put anything in about the Paladin or other classes, please do.

Skills to Focus on:

:idea: Probably the easiest way to go is to put a point in Might right off the bat, and play a lot of players eight right away once you get a weapon that does some decent damage. After you start leveling up and what not and getting those rares that start to show up (Big Tip: Get a decent ranged attack weapon with good damage. Invaluable against those friggin Unholy Bosses), you'll be able to play mostly with players 8 and level up quickly. The skills you'll do good with are about a lvl 10 Zeal (duh), a decent Vengeance for Phys Immunes, eventually a maxed out Fanaticsm (I'm sure I'm just stating the obvious) and a decent Holy Freeze.


:idea: About the easiest choice for a relatively low level Character is the Runeword HelHel, which I stuck in a Sacred Sword (Before that, I was using Adroctunus' Revenge, the Unique Thorned Knout, which, by the way, are very good low level weapons that gamble easy). Good damage, easy enough to start off in Nightmare with for a while. Combat slingers are good low level bows that have good speed, and gambling a few will get you a good damage modifier. After you level up a bit, a royal crossbow won't be too bad, especially one with a good enhanced damage, or a runeworded one.


:idea: Any Paladin will do very well with a good Paladin shield, and rare ones are easy to get and gamble fairly often. After you get to level 26, socketing a good (30% ED, +AR, % Enhanced Defense) Paladin shield with Sheal and Eth, you have Rhyme, which is good for the Increased chance of Blocking, faster block rate, +15 All Resist, 25% Reduced PL, and even extra gold and chance of magic items. For a torso armor...Samurai Plates have rediculously high Defense, and gamble failry often. One of those should last you until your MF nets you a Silks of the Victor or something of that ilk, or until you can make Lionhart or another runeword. Meteoric Plates are obvious choices for high defense, and the Adamantium modifier spawns on a lot of dropped items, so you can have high defense awfully quickly. For a belt, anything with damage reduced or life/mana steal. Weakness String (unique) has 25% IAS and some other mods, and Ma'avana's Tenet or something like that works out later on. Of course, there are much better equipment out there, and when I find it ( :P ), I'll tell you. Even though you already have it. I hate you.
Boots are the usual tale. Something with Fast Run and what not. Have a nice day.


:idea: It's about a fact that at least in Xyrax, once you get to Mephisto and the Council, Nagelring (for the MF) drops like candy and whatnot. Two fo these, or a +min or max damage ring (If you can find on that has of Diversity on the end, you're in the money) and you're set. Try to find something with Mana Steal, and if you can't get it here, you have to get it on other equipment or an ammy. For an amulet, anything with Life or Mana steal, good resist or poison length reduction, or something nifty like the Mahim-Oak Curio for a low level character. Move on to better stuff later on.

Anyway. More of this pointlessness later.

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Re: Strategy

Post by Vendanna » Thu Oct 16, 2003 10:46 am

happy to see you are enjoying the mod, and put your strategies, but you need to know that paladin was actually not modified so its the same paladin from LOD (only changed the Barb, the Amazon and the Necro) so testing a paladin was really pointless for us.

I remember there was the runeword Daylight that is for sword and is really easy to make (I think it was ElEldEl look for it on the forum) actually xyrax had some bugs but since the main modmaker is busy with RL the project stopped.

I'm also working on a mod project by my own thanks to the help of a lot of good people on the phrozen keep so I didn't actualize the runewords with the last amount of them.

well, report your succes with a Paladin, and a thing, the Act 4 Council members damaga/gold was not escaled last time I played (aka the monster was in its place but not modified so they are rather easy and give good drops)

have a nice week.
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