READ THIS Before Posting (thx)

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READ THIS Before Posting (thx)

Post by Nefarius » Sat Feb 15, 2003 10:11 am

Just in order to keep the forum nice and clean.

There are some rules before posting in the specific forum, they are not against anyone, but are actually there to help you out.

First off, if you would like to report a bug / balance issue / glitch use the BUGs tread ratter then creating a new topic:


Please READ the posts in there too see if your bug has been patched, there is nothing more annoying and confusing then getting reports of bugs which have already been fixed.
If you recived an error message you must follow the guide lines posted here -> viewtopic.php?t=8230
This will help me fix the bug, because there are SO many reasons for a crash that just saying "I crashed after I killed this/that enemy" dosent really help to solve it. Hence you should post the message itself and when it happend.

If you want to post about something general and dont want to create a new topic post in in this tread -> viewtopic.php?t=7268

If you have ideas about enemies or questions about enemies post them here -> viewtopic.php?t=7399

If you found a cool item or want to know something about items feel free to post it in here -> viewtopic.php?t=7467 If you have a spoiler please use these tags ([ color=white][ highlight=white]Your Test[/ highlight][/ color], do so without those spaces I used!)to prevent any ruin of the fun of others

If you want to talk about features go ahead and do so in this tread:
Be aware its for questions, not requests

For Requests use this tread:

Other then that, as long as you follow the ToS you can post anything you want that is TSWTO or XyRAX related :)

This mod will be written for 1.09 B! If 1.10 comes out before this mod is finished for 1.09B I will finished it for 1.09 B! and not 1.10. its as simple as it sounds. I will only update it to 1.10 about 5 month after 1.10 is out.

So incase ths forsaken patch gets released, dont even ask for a version that works with is.


No longer applies.
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