[Storm Rust] LoD 1.09b Release

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[Storm Rust] LoD 1.09b Release

Post by Fawahar » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:26 am

Hello Keep'rs!

Storm Rust is the name of the Diablo II LoD Mod I've scrambled for myself and other LoD Fans (as you) with the help of the Phrozen Keep Community.

The main goal of the Mod Storm Rust is to retain the original LoD Gameplay, yet to push you towards mastering the class you choose to play, focusing on tactics, momentum, concentration, immersion and leaving you but a little space to breathe, so you don't fall into click-click-got-bored situations. To reach that goal I had to completely change several main aspect of the game such as:

-Increased Difficulty
-Item Lore/Affix Lore (completely)
-Runes/Runewords/Crafting (completely)

There are other numerous minor changes, such as:
-Shops (partially)
-Gamble (partially)
-Hirelings (partially)

...and more

I hope I would be able to drive you out of your skin with this mod and let you experience genuine Diablo inspiration, while playing.

-get yourself running Diablo II LoD
-run patch from here
-replace the native Patch_d2.mpq in the Game Directory with this one
-get few zombies down and see if you like it

Things you might like to know:

Crafting is simple! Put a gem and ring(or)amulet in your cube and watch it sparkling.

Nef Eld Tir - Sword, Missile
Eld Tir Ko - Shield
Amn Eth Mal - Shield
Jah Ith Nef - Shield
Ort Io Thul - Shield, Helm
Pul Ber Sol - Torso
Ist Sur Tir - Torso
Sol Amn Zod - Torso
Tir Ith Tal - Shield
Eld Nef Thul - Helm
Amn Dol Ral - Axe, Pole, Mace
Dol Ort - Shield, Torso, Helm
Nef Sol Dol Ral Thul Tal - Polearm
Omh Hel El Amn - Torso, Shield
Vex Io Ral - Helm
Ber Amn Ber - Helm, Torso, Shield
Jah Cham Ber Vex Um - Weapon
Cham Tal Ist Lo Ort Mal - Polearm
Amn Jah Cham Sol Amn Ith - Weapon
Cham Ohm Shael Ko - Torso

Cow Level Portal Recipe: key + wirt's leg

And don't bother with searching the dusty library shelves for town-portal books, it's not worth it ;)

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Re: [Storm Rust] LoD 1.09b Release

Post by Fawahar » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:56 pm

Hello keep! New update on the horizon. You might want to download the current release, 1.1e from here.


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Re: [Storm Rust] LoD 1.09b Release

Post by the_bogan » Tue May 22, 2018 8:10 am

Just trying it out now. Not sure if the lack of descriptions on the items makes it more interesting or frustrating :cool:

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Re: [Storm Rust] LoD 1.09b Release

Post by Fawahar » Sun May 27, 2018 12:35 pm

For the folks around who are using D2SE, here is the mod files suited for the program. Extract/paste to MODS folder as usual and have fun!

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Re: [Storm Rust] LoD 1.09b Release

Post by Doub » Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:50 pm

did u keep skill pre-reqs?

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