[Hail to England] LoD 1.14d Release

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[Hail to England] LoD 1.14d Release

Post by Fawahar » Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:13 pm

Hail to thee, Warriors of The Keep!

As you've already assumed that would be a new LoD Mod presented here!
Some time ago I had the impulse to dig myself into 1.14d files, a version which I do not consider "the best" at all.
With that in mind, on random occasions I played with various balances in the game trying to bring it to more "sane" idea.
At the same time my main mod "Storm Rust" was finding its final colours. However in its completion some ideas were so to say discarded - a necessity for the general balance. Thus I moved some of these ideas into the work of 1.14d.

Thereafter I felt that there is enough material to be engaged in this patch, nevermind that this was not at all the firs idea I had, I started to work more seriously on it and bring it as a Mod itself.The name it holds should speak the best of it - it is a work of bold and sometimes "over the top" ideas, but fitted with the finesse of an arrow.

I do not plan to engage on the minor fixes in the mod, that you can find easily by yourselves, except that it will be necessary to mention that this is again "No-No-AutoMap" mod, for the purposes of immersion. Yet the biggest and the most notable part of that work happens to be the Crafting System the mod has. It is solely designed around gems and runes, since I have a great affection to these little buggers. The other notable difference from the vanilla 1.14 is the character progress, which has been dramatically changed.

So if the pub gets closed in Sunday, you can always come and try THE BETA RELEASE and see if 20 years make a difference for a game like d2 or not.
Be sure to check THE LIST OF LISTS, which is going to be the player's key to victory here (except his steel) and thank to all the senior member of the keep which hold breath day and night to keep this place running!
As I look into the cave
The fog doth fill my eyes
Inside lies the answer
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