Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

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Re: Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

Post by Clersius » Tue May 27, 2014 4:13 am

Great start, Hellwolf! :) Welcome back, too. It's so nice to have another player bouncing around in Zy-El-space. :D I wish you the best of luck on your journey back through the Chapters of Evolution!

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Re: Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

Post by Hellwolf_36 » Thu May 29, 2014 1:39 am

Luck is for suckers and people who need critical hit calculations! The odds are always in my favor whenever I play this mod.

After all, I was winning before you joined. :twisted:


I managed to get the Tree of Inifus and get the scroll at 31. The trip there was simple without Skeletons (and even if I had them, they would still be lacking in power until like 15 levels worth of Skeleton Mastery), but I am starting to need a Golem soon. Luckily, my Teeth spell can OHKO legions of Peckers, Spike Fiends and Bone Warriors while taking a few casts to down a Spiked Giant or a Rock Golem. Next run I am probably gonna clear Cold Plains, Den of Evil, Stony Field with Players3-4 I think and try to save Cain. I already got some parts going for my first CHOM (just need 1 more standard gem and save Cain).

The Black Rogues of the Underground Caves Level 2 are still a pain as my barrier doesnt protect me from the fire damage they can inflict. Was almost killed by 1 because of how vicious Cold Enchanted can get on a Level 39 vs a Level 29. Also, Treehead Woodfist wasn't nice at all. Luckily, he was unable to crack my replaceable Bone Armor... WHILE STANDING NEXT TO A WELL! I am probably going to get a Rock Golem before I attempt to save Cain as the damage mitigation will at least keep Burning Dead from hitting me. I will need a few more Teeth points before I can assault Black Marsh as well as Monoliths are walking tanks and can spawn there. But sadly, they are the 3rd most rewarding enemy in that act (ahead of them are Dark One Shaman and Venom Klaws at ~200 each).

For equipment, the only improvement is I dropped Bishibosh for a 2 socket wand to make Departed. But the damn thing rolled the lowest +Nec Skills mod (+2) and had no other special powers. But that is alright, its better than nothing. I also need at least more Teeth damage and a Golem before I start PlayersX beyond 1. I also want to up my levels to have access to higher Rune Words. After all, I need a couple of Kirks to do the Subquest, which is no trouble with a 3000 HP bone shield, Dim Vision and Confusion curse added to it.


Did a run after some work was done. Managed to clear everything up to Tamoe without Skeletons and got to 36. I now have a Golem to mitigate some of the damage, especially against Rogues and their elemental weapon chances. I also found a 2 Socket head with +2 Teeth that I made Departed out of, now doing 300 damage/tooth. With the Golem's assistance, I was able to tank Griswold with it (Cursed + Spectral Hit + -100 Resist = BAD) and save Cain, I just need 2 more elixirs and I can make my first CHOM (I got enough parts as well for 2 once I get the Elixirs). I may try to add some PlayersX now for the earlier areas as Teeth is doing 300 damage and that is enough for OHKOs in the Stony/Cold area. Treehead and Monoliths are still a threat to my existence, but I fought them without a Golem and it will be different with 1 on my side now. He may have only 300 HP and deal ~120 damage, but at least its better than tanking the hits myself (even though I got a 3600 Bone Armor now, but that doesnt protect you from elemental damage).

Next up is making more CHOMs, getting a poster and getting to 75 for the Subquest. My plan is Armor, Teeth as a last resort and try to Confuse Dark Ones and Horrors into killing themselves if necessary.

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Re: Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

Post by stingray » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:47 pm


Out of curiosity, would it be too late to enroll in this challenge? I've found myself looking for a game to play recently when I'm not fussing with drawing, and Diablo II always comes back to my mind as the best game to play. I figure this challenge would be fun to do as I never actually got the chance to complete a challenge when this forum was more active.

(Also, this particular series only encompasses Act 1, correct?)
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Re: Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

Post by Clersius » Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:48 am

It is, in fact, not too late to enroll in this particular tournament. Hellwolf just recently restarted it from the beginning, as he lost the character that he had, so you may possibly have some company! Keep in mind that, while this particular thread does only encompass Act I, it is part of a much larger tournament that could potentially span over all 15 Acts of all three difficulties. Currently, however, it "merely" covers all of Normal difficulty. If you decide to embark on this adventure, then I wish you the best of luck (whether you need it or not :P )!

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Re: Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

Post by Al-T » Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:30 am

Welcome back stingray. Nice to see you again my friend :D

As Clersius said, the Tournament is still active and covers all 5 Acts of Normal Mode. The rules are also ready and posted for "Chapter 6" aka Act 1 Nightmare but that won't be active until one of us completes Chapter 5.

Good luck if you decide to join :!:

Happy Zy-Elling :)
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Re: Evolution Tournament Series - Chapter One

Post by Lucifer666 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:37 pm

well, i think i'm ready for this...been playing Zyel more than ES for the last couple of weeks...gonna start a char tommorow most probably...also as i play on another rig i ain't got how to upload pics without going thru major hassle,so can i play without pics???

Made a Assassin called Evolution,will be Evol in table,last night started,first clear of Blood moor achieved on Clvl7,now Clvl 9 will make a Slash in katar soon and several Boosters,only plain white charms for now with no sockets,so think that will change soon...

Code: Select all

Player             Character/Class             RW    CHoM      POST      AC       EM     TOTAL
Hellwolf_36        Blivarticcil/Sorc           500   1500      3000     5000     1.005   10050
Billybgame         Michelle/Sorc               500   1500      3000     5000     1.005   10050
John11             PewPew/Ama                  500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
Al-T               Dora/Ama                    500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
gogodanny          Black_Death/Assa            500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
AngusT             Aphelandra/Ama              500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
Metro              RiseandShine/Nec            500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
Bucky              Buckassin/Assa              500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
Montex             Xeon/Barb                   500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
czg                Eve/Ama                     500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
Clersius           Bloodmist/Barb              500   1500      3000     5000     1.000   10000
wolfwing           wlft/Druid                  500   1500      3000     5000     0.990    9900
Mithendil          Kage/Nec                    500   1500         0     5000     1.000    7000
Xeigho             Cassilyn-lok/Assa           500   1500         0        0     1.000    2000
JrEye              Jayarih/Pal                 500   1500         0        0     1.000    2000
Przemo             Lukrecja/Ama                500      0         0        0     1.000     500
Nanobots           Godel/Assa                  500      0         0        0     1.000     500
Hans               Ni-TheKnight/Pal              0      0         0        0     1.000       0
Rodsur             Imazon/Ama                    0      0         0        0     1.000       0
Misfulness         Dolphin/Barb                  0      0         0        0     1.000       0
the_bogan          Evolutioned/Nec               0      0         0        0     1.000       0
Ssergit            Aldur/Druid                   0      0         0        0     1.000       0
Lucifer666         Evol/Ass                      0      0         0        0     1.000

Also i understood the rules such that we are only allowed Gems in runewords which require Gmj,since Jewels can only be magic or better right???

Edit:Well,Clvl 11,made a Slash,Doh and Booster in my gear,waiting for 15 to make better words...will update again after i save Cain and make a CHOM,gonna wait to get the Merc as a reward...did not die once for now...

Edit:Clvl 33,at 20 was able to do Cold Plains on p/4...by 28 i was able to do Den of Evil on p/8...went and killed BR for the free merc,got a Cold one,she will stay until the end...no deaths yet...

Edit: Well i went and did Cain quest as i had barely enough to make a CHOM,will keep it on Healer until i have for another CHOM...now Clvl 37 and strolling around thinking of skipping the side quest for Act 1...just to keep it on 0 deaths at least in act 1...
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