Let's do it again! The Softcore rotation tourney is back for another run!

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Let's do it again! The Softcore rotation tourney is back for another run!

Post by timmermac » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:28 pm

I tried the hardcore Unique-of-a-kind tournament and realized that I don't much enjoy having to delete characters once they die. So, I'm going to do a non-hardcore version of it. The ultimate goal of this tournament is to get one character from each class to level 10000. Highest score at the end wins. The tournament starts immediately, and will end 60 days after the last score update. Please submit updates to this thread.

Here's the ruleset:

You must play each character class.

Shared stash usage is allowed, but it must start from empty. Also, if you play a non-tournament character at any point, the shared stash that you use for the tournament must be backed up and deleted, renamed, or moved. (I had to remove the temptation of using mine)

Here's a biggie: Characters must be played in rotation. Here's what I mean. A player must start with the Amazon. When the Amazon dies, you move to the Assassin. When that dies, you move to the Necro. And so on...

Save and exits to avoid death are not allowed. You'll have to use Ye Olde Town Portal to avoid skeletons in the early levels.

My version of the "used underwear" rule that Phlebiac instituted for his hardcore tournament will be adopted for this one. My version works like this: As long as any non-charm item has never been equipped, it can be moved between characters. Charm-type items must be moved to the shared stash before leaving town.

In PlugY, "AlwaysRegenMapinSP" must be set to 1

Edit: If a players multiplier drops to 00.000, it's game over. Should that happen, feel free to submit another entry.
One entry at a time, please. Al, Hans, Vern... Joining in?

Edit 2: There is no minimum level restriction for using posters. As soon as you can put a full one together, assuming that the poster doesn't have its own minimum requirement, feel free to start using it.

If anyone has other restrictions that should be added, feel free to suggest them.

Here's how scoring will work.
Players get one point per level gained for each character.
Players start with a multiplier factor of 10.000
For every death, .001 will be removed from the multiplier.
Maximum score will be 700000

Edit: Due to quality of life improvements, this tournament will be using Moonpaw's version of 4.5 Join the discord at https://discord.gg/jvEXuXknhf

Edit 2: Winner of the tournament will receive a prize, courtesy of Moonpaw. Winner gets to design a unique item and will get a copy of said item. Please post your updates in this thread.
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Re: Let's do it again! The Softcore rotation tourney is back for another run!

Post by bro » Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:24 pm

Ok. Had some time to play before nightshift and here is my little progress so far:

Code: Select all

Name            Class          Level          Deaths
Anaea	        Amazon          15               0
Phantombeat     Assassin         1               0
Corpsemaker     Necromancer      1               0
Arminius	Barbarian        1               0
Roland		Paladin          1               0
Medea		Sorceress        1               0
Cathbad		Druid            1               0

Multiplier: 10.000
Overall: 210

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Re: Let's do it again! The Softcore rotation tourney is back for another run!

Post by gogodanny » Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:27 pm

Never enjoyed zyel too much myself but wishing y'all the best regardlessly :-)
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