Damage Caps, Rollovers, and other #'s ---edit 9.03.09

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Re: Damage Caps, Rollovers, and other #'s ---edit 9.03.09

Post by SUNFIREXL » Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:50 pm

i read this post until my mind got numb with math and cannot really find an answer.
I am a paladin and without fanatcism i am doing about 85000 damage with zeal. i keep seeing that the damage cap is around 80k ish... if the most damage i can ever do is 86k is that the point when you put all your gems. runewords jewels and such into HP? or is there any known way to fix this cap since this thread is a few years old

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Re: Damage Caps, Rollovers, and other #'s ---edit 9.03.09

Post by Clersius » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:48 am

Well, the answer to your question is as varied as there are people to answer it. All we can really do is help you understand the facts - it is up to you what you do with that information.

The fact is that the most physical damage your paladin can do is 83,886. Since your maximum physical damage is already over that, at 85,000, that means that every time the random number that is chosen between your minimum damage and your maximum damage comes up between 83,886 and 85,000, you do no physical damage at all. Fortunately, that is a smallish window, so you probably won't notice it very much, if at all.

Ok, so that is the fact. Now, what to do with that information? Well, as you intimated in your message, you can henceforth ignore your damage and focus instead on your life. That is certainly a worthwhile investment in time. There are also things like your damage reduction, your maximum resists, your damage absorption, your magical damage reduction, your elemental fire damage, your elemental cold damage, your... your... etc, etc. There are a ton of pieces to the overall puzzle that makes up the eventual picture of your character, so you will not soon be bored for lack of things to improve.

Finally, there is no fix to this physical damage cap problem so far, and it would be incredibly difficult to address it even if there was anyone around who had access to the Zy-El mod files, which there is not.

If you are interested in further tuning your paladin's physical damage, you do have the option of lowering your maximum damage to right around 83,000 and raising your minimum damage to 83,000. That would be a project to keep you occupied for a few weeks, at least. :twisted: Or, to be even more anal about it, you could figure out exactly what your maximum damage has to be in order for Zeal + Fanaticism to bring it to 83,000, then lower it to that number, then raise your minimum to that number. That would be fun. After you do those things, then attend to your elemental damages, bringing the maximum and minimum both to 83,000 for each of cold, fire, and lightning. That would be the baddest paladin Zy-El has seen in a long time, guaranteed! :)

Anyway, like I mentioned, there are virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to crafting and megaloading for your characters. Have fun with the gargantuan sandbox that is Zy-El! And if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. :D

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