Critical strike improvements

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Critical strike improvements

Post by kingpin » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:57 pm

It have been a long time since I posted any changes to Dark Alliance.

This time I will tell about how critical strike been changed.

General changes to how critical strike is handled

Melee critical strike can now both deal physical and elemental critical strike damage.

Skills and items can improve the critical strike damage with a new stat, increased critical strike damage.

Physical Damage base crit damage is 100%
Elemental Damage base crit damage is 50%

Each successful critical strike have a chance to add a secondary effect to the critical strike.

Physical Damage: Have a chance to cause knockback.
Magic Damage: Have a chance to fear target for 3 secs.
Cold Damage: Have a chance to freeze target for 3 secs.
Fire Damage: Have a chance to deal 30% additional burn damage over 3 secs.
Lightning Damage: Have a chance to stun target for 3 secs.
Poison Damage: Have a chance to confuse target for 3 secs.

Deadly strike is no longer sharing with critical strike, and it's no longer doing the same as critical strike.
Instead if it triggers it will instant kill the target. It will still be a percent chance it will trigger, but have
an addditional condition before it trigger.

Normal mobs is instant killed if its health 35% or below.
Bosses, champions, superunique, special units is instant killed if its health is 10% or below.

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