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Pre-Alpha version release (

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:56 pm
by kingpin
A new patch is released. I have been working hard on rebuild lost code, so this patch contains alot that was released in pre alpha version that I had to recode. There is a number of issues found in pre-alpha version that have been fixed, diablo 2 log will no longer be huge due to animation errors, also a bug with bodyparts was found that fixed two bugs in one. So, now you are able to both save the game and also see what organs can be used to.

This patch is developed by Kingpin and Ogodei.

Lets go over to the patch notes.

Note: This is a standalone patch so previous patch is not required to run this.

Patch size: Around 316 MB.

Download: Dark Alliance Patch


- Fixed several debug log errors.
- Fixed Rogue's Hireable anim crash.
- Fixed the Dark Mages crash.
- You are now able to sell to all vendors again.
- D2GameInitSetItemsOnPlayer no longer cause crashes then load game.
- Corrected a bug in AddBarbarianClassSkill func that could miss add skill.
- Corrected a bug that prevented soulbound items to gain stats.
- fix mp savefile issue.
- Buy items in multiplayer is now working again.
- Howvering over dead body no longer crash.
- Added basic version to display name then hover Items/Objects.
- Corrected monster life bar.
- Main Quest Reward: Stat Potion working again.
- Corrected a bug with organs that didnt save between games and display additional custom display.

Balance Changes:
- None.

Graphics changes:

New graphic improvements by Ogodei.
- Improved Celamaeclya Riowien’s appearance.
- Rogue Hireling now uses a proper animation while casting Inner Sight.
- Dark Mages now use the new graphic models from Ogodei's Diablo 1 monster pack.
- Dark Mages are now able to project a shadow in line with Diablo 2's Graphics.
- Horned Demons now use the new graphic models from Ogodei's Diablo 1 item Pack.
- Horned Demons are now able to project a shadow in line with Diablo 2's Graphics.
- Fixed the Imp animations while casting.
- Changed animation of this monster from the old model to one from Ogodei's Diablo 1 monster pack.
- Changed animation of the Blood Star from the old model to one from Ogodei's Diablo 1 monster pack.
- Revisited the Succubus animations while casting Blood Star.
- Succubi are now able to project a shadow in line with Diablo 2's Graphics.
- Used one of the Magma Demon models from Ogodei's Diablo 1 Monster pack.
- Fixed Attack and Cast animations.
- Fixed Death animation: it will no longer make the Guardian become transparent.
- Added and Fixed Corpse animation: the Guardian will no longer disappear after being killed.
- Fixed the offsets difference between animations.
- Darkened the sprite in order to better fit Diablo II graphic.

Spelling Issues:
- None



- Fixed Dark Mages AI.
- Horned Demons no longer make the screen shake, but will charge against the enemy instead.

Improvements regarding the Sorceress summonable minions:

- Improved pathfinding.
- Made it harder to lose minions while travelling across the map.

Summon Imp:
- Rebalanced fire and magic resist.
- Added Lightning Resistance per Slvl.
- Max base quantity raised to 6.
- Imps now flee when surrounded.
- New party Icon.
- Skill description revamped.

Summon Succubus:

-- Combat --
- The Succubi will now flee from enemies that manage to get too close to them.
- The Succubi will no longer try to approach an enemy.
- The Succubi will no longer perform a standard melee attack.
- The Succubi will now only use ranged skills to attack the enemies.
- Rebalanced Blood Star's damage (type: magic, base damage 1-20 , increases each sLvl rather than being a static value).
- Dramatically increased the Succubus' DPS.
- Rebalanced the Succubus Magic and Fire Resistance (10% per sLvl rather than being a static value).
- Increased the quantity of summonable Succubi (max 4 at Base sLvl 10) (DONE 2017-12-XX)
- Adjusted the Succubus’ speed while Walking.

-- Other --
- Succubus now uses a temporary party icon from Ogodei's Redemption mod.
- Skill description revamped.

- Replaced with Magma Demon.

- Summon Magma Demon-

-- Combat --
- Doesn't fly.
- retains the same attributes the wyvern had, except for its affinity to fire rather than poison.
- Immune to fire, Weakness to cold (the weakness decreases by each sLvl up to a maximum of -50%).
- Can throw magma balls (fire damage 6-25, increases with sLvl).
- Performs a double hit like attack, dealing its physical damage twice per attack.
- (Only when killed by an enemy) Detonates and creates a nova of magma balls.
- Raised the max quantity by 1 at max Base sLvl (total: 2 Magma Demons).

-- Other --
- Magma Demon now uses a temporary party icon from Ogodei's Redemption mod.
- Skill Description revamped.

- Summon Guardian -

- Improves AI and skill usage.
- The Guardian now runs to aid the player should he\she get moderately injured.
- Highly raised her attack rating.
- Merged the Armorclass buff with the Enchant buff.
- Changed how her Zeal works: Instead of attacking multiple targets, the Guardian will now deliver 8 quick hits against the same enemy.
- The Guardian will now only cast her strenghtening skills when engaged in combat.
- Added Bash and Charge to her skill list.
- Added Physical,Fire,Magic and Cold Resistances.

Party Icons:
- Removed transparency from party Icons.
- Moved the pet counter to the right side of the party Icons.
- Hireling name is now written in a different font.
- Hireling name is now displayed in yellow.

- recoded the server CubeFN table into c++.
- Menu_Cain_Identify hardcoded asm removed. It will currently do nothing until new functionality coded.
- Recoded InitBinCreation.
- AI Table softcoded.
- AI_NONE recoded into c++.
- AI_IDLE recoded into c++.
- AI_Zombie old code rewritten. no more asm hook.
- AI_Goatman old code rewritten. no more asm hook.
- AI_Quillrat old code rewritten. no more asm hook.
- AI_CorruptRogue old code rewritten. no more asm hook.
- Implemented a third custom mpq d2dapatch2.mpq.
- Recoded AI_ShadowMaster_SetSkills into c++.

- Soulbound feature: Necromancers can now also get random class skill.
- Soulbound feature: Barbarian can no longer get wisdom, instead they get mentality.

- Archbishop’s Potion-
- Adjusted the walking speed for the skeletons spawned by the potion
- Skeleton Archers and Mages will no longer behave like melee pets.
- Added arrows to the Skeleton Archers.
- Added magic missiles to the Skeleton Mages.
- Skeleton Mages will no longer spawn with two different magic orbs on their hands.
- Items dropped from bag have lower durability compare to regular item.
- Implemented double bonus from new oils applied on monster items.

- Implemented a reset option for The Imortal Quest at Taran longhorn NPC. This can be reset as long as you havent completed the quest.

Re: Pre-Alpha version release (

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:54 am
by flamingfury69
The link is dead. Please upload on google drive. Thanks !

Re: Pre-Alpha version release (

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:29 am
by kingpin
I have been trying sort the download out, currently mediafire decides to ban this file! I will look into google drive or different download option.


link is working again.