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Pre-Alpha version release (

Post by kingpin » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:57 pm

Download: patch
patch size: 3MB

Patch is required to run this.

The new alchemist in rogue encampment is work in progress. You will see in future update more about it.

- fixed all pets behavior. All follow the owner as they should.
- fixed weird celcontext error for the Succubus' Blood Star.
- Dark Mages no longer crashes and are given new skills.
- QuilratAI will no longer get stuck. .
- Jaruld Dentworld is now using correct introduction. .
- Raise Skeleton Archer is now correctly listed Skeleton Archer as summon type in skill description..
- Necromancer: Death frenzy skill no longer crash then minion with Death frenzy die. .
- Cain is now using correct greetng message after free him.
- Mrishnakk The Mad no longer vanish then use teleport.

Balance Changes
- adjusted imp chance to teleport.

Graphics changes

New graphic improvements by Ogodei.
- Necromancer: Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Mage and Death Frenzy got new skill Icon.

Spelling Corrections
- None

- fixed imp skill usage.
- adjusted the Magma Demon balance between throwing and approaching.
- Restored the Dark Mages initial appearance. From D1 Counselors, they will now look again like the D1 unused Dark Mages.
- New behavior and skills for the Dark Mage Boss (Jareth).
- Rune Color changed to orange.
- A new Novic Alchemist is added in rogue encampment.


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