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Pre-Alpha version release (

Post by kingpin » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:22 pm

Dark Alliance internal patch released 2018-02-04

Download: patch
patch size: 10MB

Patch is required to run this.

The new alchemist in rogue encampment is work in progress. You will see in future update more about it.

- DarkMage 's WL Issue.
- Fixed all incorrect missiles framecount.
- Hazmadok fixed AI, it will now correctly attack again and use skills.
- Fixed charger animation issues.
- Fixed seq_guardianjab error.
- Removed incorrectly spleen bodypart drop from Undead Templar.
- Added missing Eye, Bone bodyparts for Undead Templar.
- Tarans Unstable Elixir is now adding random level1 skill for Necromancer.
- Spellscrolls/Books is now correctly checking level requirement to use it.
- Conjured Abyssal blade is no longer spawned with Discovery.
- Warriv no longer appear in west direction in rogue encampment.
- Fixed issue with buying from vendor shift + right click potions.

Balance Changes
- Abyssal Blade stats is tweaked to more match level 20 items.
- Organs no longer apply +1 level requirement then enchanted.

Graphics changes

New graphic improvements by Ogodei.
- New boss graphic for Hazmadok.
- New boss graphic for Jareth Toolsa, Mrishnakk The Mad's Apprentice.

Spelling Corrections
- None

- Hazmadok got new skills.
- Jareth Toolsa, Mrishnakk The Mad's Apprentice got new skills.
- Collectors Bag is revamped.
- CollectorReward.txt original file replaced with new columns.
- Death Frenzy on Death effect is currently disabled due to a bug. Will be reenabled as soon as fixed.


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