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Pre-Alpha version release (

Post by kingpin » Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:54 pm

Dark Alliance patch released 2018-12-24

Download: patch
patch size: 149MB

The new alchemist in rogue encampment is work in progress. You will see in future update more about it.

The new dungeon Kaer Varenna is work in progress. Main focus in this patch is test that the dungeon works,
the new ais, and how balance feel. Balance is target for level 24-28 characters.

- Fixed a bug where no custom timers where working.
- Fixed a bug in NPCMenuFunc then init player interaction.
- Fixed the GfxUtil crash for the Butcher in Tristram.
- Fixed an issue that prevented many monster organs from being properly used on monster items.
- Fixed an AnimData issue with the Acid Beast's DD mode.
- Fixed an issue that made the Succubus attempt to curse friendly units.
- Fixed an issue that made the Succubus attempt to attack the enemies from the other side of a wall.
- Fixed an animation issue with the Sorceress Succubus that made lots of missing anim errors to be printed in the debuglog.
- Fixed an animation issue with the Succubus' Blood Star that made lots of CelContext error strings to be prinpted in the debuglog.
- Returned Mages in the Dark wood no longer look like skeleton warriors.
- Returned Mages in the Dark wood now use a proper animation while casting their spells.
- Fixed some issues with the Rogue Hireling animations.
- Fixed vendor right click quick buy bug.
- Fixed several missing bodypart.
- Fixed several missing tcex2 entries.
- Fixed Talk Dialog Option.
- Items is no longer dropped as UNID from Weapon or Armor rack.
- Blood Raven unique Arrow quest reward is now drop as intended, and no longer showing wrong graphic.
- Fixed bug in end part of Executioners quest speech.
- Fixed bug with Necrotic Bolt skill.
- Fixed several skills that had same bug as Necrotic Bolt.
- Fixed a bug where poisoned wouldnt display poison orb on player.
- Fixed a bug that led to Genesis committing suicide instead of attacking his targets.

Graphics changes

New graphic improvements by Ogodei.
- Adding Ogodei's Diablo I Monster Pack patch v1.3 that fixes several animations issues.
- Fixing Missile ID 860 celcontext error.
- The Butcher now uses the animation from Ogodei's Diablo I monster pack.
- Updated the Succubus animations to the current version of Ogodei's Diablo I monster pack.
- Animation issues inside the Mistral Keep, level 2 should now be fixed.

- Imp: The Imp AI has been adjusted.
- Imp: The Imp Fire bolt now deals fire damage instead of lightning.
- Succubus: The Succubus AI has been adjusted.
- Enchant max rank lowered from 10 to 5 to be in line with other buff skills.
- Enchant mana cost raised from 15 to 20. Each rank will reduce mana cost by 2.
- Enchant duration raised from 30 sec to 5 minute. it no longer increase duratioin per rank.
- Enchant Cold damage increased from 3-8 to 8-13 and fire damage increased from 5-15 to 10-20.

- Added chapter #1 dialog option to rogue encampment npcs and warriv.

- AI_INIT recoded into c++.
- Automap.txt is now extended to work on new level types.
- Implemented a dev function: Display mouse x/y pos.
- Most custom levels now have automap displayed: Cold Plain level1/2, Farmer Cellar, Ancient Nest,
Elysia Greenwod's Hideout, Chalandras Cave, Almira's Home, Grimbeast's Hideout, Kaer Varenna, Nexus
- New Dungeons added in Valley of Paradise: Kaer Varenna and Nexus.
- New quest line added in Valley of Paradise.
- New Blood elf defense added into ruins.
- New boss added in Valley of Paradise into the ruins.
- Several new boss ais added.
- Organs drop rate drastically reduced.
- Organs now grow in power depending on the monster they belong to.


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