MULTIMEDIA FAQ - Read Before Posting !

This is the place to discuss all issues relating to the manipulation of graphics/animations, sounds, music and cinematics within Diablo 2.

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MULTIMEDIA FAQ - Read Before Posting !

Post by Joel » Sun Aug 10, 2003 4:45 pm

Here's some basic tutorials and guides for common multimedia tasks.
Please read them before posting any topics about it.
All topics asking for "how to ..." that's covered here will be redirected here & locked.
Thanks for your attention :

Diablo II Image Format Ressources :
DC6 Creation/Conversion/Usage
DCC Complete and Extended Guide
In Game Sounds Format

Multimedia Tutorials :
Increasing Inventory/Stash/Cube size and look
Changing Characters Graphics
Changing the Loading Screen

Multimedia Ressources :
Unused DC6 from the original game
Adding new Animation Token (original post)
Adding NEw Token to the game (1.10 version)
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