Using 1 Token for many monsters.

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Using 1 Token for many monsters.

Post by TeknoKyo » Sun Aug 31, 2003 9:10 am

Usually I don't do tutorial, but this is useful for ppl who wants to do things different.

This is helpful if you are making lots of new monsters and wanna use 1 token for many diff monsters.

It can be done due to the setup of diff gfx for diff weapons use on 1 token.
Which basically means taking advantage of the Base weapon gfx to do diff monster gfx instead of using multiple token.

The example is like this. Using G1 for 2 diff types of Gfx.

G1 - 1HS = Earth Elemental from BG2
G1 - HT2 = Bone Golem from BG2

To setup this, you need to do a few things.

Convert all the gfx for Earth Elemental and name them as follows
G1TRLITA11HS.dcc ...etc

Convert all the gfx for Bone Golem and name them as follows.
G1TRLITA1HT2.dcc ...etc

Naming and data in the .cof must conform -> ie G1A11hs.cof, and G1A1ht2.cof, if you're using replacement hth .cof, just global hexedit all the hth in the .cof to 1hs for the EarthElemental and ht2 for the BoneGolem.

The best part of doin it this way is the Blizz setup for .dcc
The 2 important cols you'll need to change.

monstats2.txt-> composit. ... set 1
monstats2.txt->BaseW ... set to 1hs, ht2 or whatever you want.

If composit = 1 ... DD and DT will use gfx based on BaseW
If composit = 0 ... DD and DT will use gfx based on hth only.

Setting composit to 0 will save some time if you're using shared DD/DT gfx for diff monsters, it will use xxxxhth.cof nomatter what the BaseW col is just like chars.

If you want variants with diff gfx, you can do it with LIT,MED,HVY ...etc also, Refer to monstats2.txt for useable codes.

Tuturial ppl please update this info.
Mods please sticky this.

IF anyone is doin new tutorials on monstats.txt, monstats2.txt and need info/help ... you can always seek me out if you need info. I won't be making tutorials but with the v1.10, it's very versatile and you can do anything on any monsters.
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Re: Using 1 Token for many monsters.

Post by Darque » Tue Sep 09, 2003 9:11 am

monstats2.txt-> composit. ... set 1
I looked and I can not find the composit column in monstats2. Are you refering to the compositeDeath column? If not what columns are near it?

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Re: Using 1 Token for many monsters.

Post by Myhrginoc » Wed Sep 10, 2003 5:37 am

It must be compositDeath, the context is DD and DT mode animations, where are corpse and death respectively.
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