Command line tool for gif to dcc

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Command line tool for gif to dcc

Post by error » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:10 pm

Hello Diablo 2 modding community.

Actually I am very pleased with the tutorials offered here and everything works how I want it in my mod.
But since I want to replace each monster in diablo, Due to the high number of monsters I would like to be able to create the dcc files from gifs
via the command line. Right now I am doing this with cv5.

is there a tool for gif to dcc? or any tutorial how I could program it myself (I have no idea how to create a dcc file)?

thank you for considering my question!

edit: I ve found out sixdice is able to be run from shell... sadly it needs java but it seems you can do with it what I was looking for.

edit2: sixdice is nice and can do a lot. but I could not find a way to specify the offset and and directions via command line. anyone has an idea how to do this?

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