[Release] AlphA´s Graphics Pack

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[Release] AlphA´s Graphics Pack

Post by AlphA - The Real One » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:05 pm

Graphics based on artwork from LoD,Two Worlds, Grim Dawn, Gondal and Path of Exile. Various graphics are also based on usermade alternations or creations. Contains over 300 graphics for armors and another 250 for weapons. All converted to dc6 and tested ingame or with sixdice.However most of those are different variations of one itemtype (usually 4-8). About half of the items have gif/tif/bmp files as a preview, for the rest I only included the dc6 files.

Edit: Apparently some armor gfx I thought I already fixed are still bugged. Will upload a fixed version in the next few days.
Edit: Uploaded fixed version for all armor gfx, still missing helm,glove and boot. Will add those in the next days.

-also all who uploaded stuff to Inventharia





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