Diablo 2 Beta Items

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Diablo 2 Beta Items

Post by cla$$ics » Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:44 am

First, a bit of history. Diablo 2 had two different betas. The first round of betas arrived in the form of a CD, distributed to 1,000 lucky people around the world. In this beta, participants could complete up to the first Act as any of the five classes. In the second beta, distributed as an open beta, players could play as the Barbarian and fight against Blood Raven.

What we've got here is a diff between the first beta and the original game. A great deal of the files have been trimmed because the differences were incredibly minor (it seems that the area text was originally brown instead of red, and there are a lot of sounds with modified volume) and not worth mentioning.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hbwe2rm9ukcl ... s.zip?dl=0

So what's in this ZIP file?
  • All of the Excel spreadsheets from the beta. Note that they clearly planned the expansion packs! Some of the rows and columns have been altered across the board. But most of the changes are minor numbers differences.
  • 18 item icons. Some are minor (breast plate and scale mail are shifted upwards in the beta), some are major (bone helm has a totally different design).
  • A huge number of modified monster sounds. Highlights include: sounds for the quill bear, new sounds for fallen, totally different sounds for batdemon/frogdemon/pygmy. New death sounds for greatermummy, pygmyshaman, megademon and undeadhorror which sound more brutal.
  • Some tweaked spell, combat, and ambient sounds. Versions of the barbarian shouts without echo. Resurrect spell sound effect.
  • Three overlays. One is the back for LightningRunesCast, and two are altered versions of shrines.
  • Some modified tiles, esp. in caves, Tristram, and Barracks.
  • Two altered fonts.
  • Two missiles (possibly duplicates?)
  • A few tweaked palshifts on monsters.
  • A totally unused object token (wq) and altered graphics for another (A5)
What is not in this ZIP file?
  • Any character animations. There are simply hundreds of changes and I haven't gotten the time to sort through all of them yet.
  • Anything in the beta, which was also in the retail game. This is only stuff which is different.
  • Any content from the LOD beta.
Although done for our needs, mod-makers should like these changes, too.
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