Dark Souls: Monster animations

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Dark Souls: Monster animations

Post by leekun » Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:21 pm

My attempt at porting Dark Souls monster animations to D2

Status: More is coming...
I'll release at least 1 per day in order.

These are final build. Inside you will find gif of A1, DT, GH, NU, RN, WL, and an offset note. All animations come with original frame count, some units that are too big will get its size reduced to fit with D2. I didn't merge each animation directions into one, in case someone want to reduce frame count. Some monsters that are too big for D2 pixel count limitation, you either have to reduce their size and frame count or wait for Necrolis' D2gfex.

c1200 Rat
c1201 Small Rat
c1202 Large Rat
c1203 Snow Rat
c2060 Infested Ghoul (Sword)
c2061 Infested Ghoul (Spear)
c2062 Infested Ghoul (Corpse)
c2230 Stray Demon
c2231 Demon Firesage
c2232 Asylum Demon
c2240 Capra Demon
c2250 Taurus Demon
c2260 Batwing Demon
c2270 Mushroom Parent
c2280 Mushroom Child
c2290 Chained Prisoner
c2300 Prowling Demon
c2310 Crow Demon
c2320 Iron Golem
c2330 Demonic Foliage
c2360 Smough
c2361 Super Smough
c2370 Channeler
c2380 Giant Stone Knight
c2390 Darkwraith
c2400 Painting Guardian
c2410 Silver Knight (Sword)
c2411 Silver Knight (great sword)
c2412 Silver Knight (axe)
c2413 Silver Knight (Spear)
c2414 Silver Knight (Archer)
c2430 Demonic Statue
c2500 Hollow
c2501 Torch Hollow
c2505 Hollow Archer
c2510 Undead Merchant
c2520 Undead Assassin
c2530 Blowdart Sniper
c2540 Armored Hollow (Sword)
c2541 Armored Hollow (Axe)
c2542 Armored Hollow (Firebomb)
c2550 Undead Soldier (Spear)
c2551 Undead Soldier (Longsword)
c2552 Undead Soldier (Crossbow)
c2556 Armored Hollow (Crossbow)
c2560 Balder Knight (Balder Side Sword)
c2561 Balder Knight (Crossbow)
c2562 Balder Knight (Rapier)
c2570 Heavy Knight (Berenike Knight - Sword)
c2571 Heavy Knight (Berenike Knight - Mace)
c2590 Prototype Marvelous Chester
c2600 Prototype Young Beatrice
c2640 Andre of Astora
c2650 Necromancer
c2660 Butcher
c2670 Ghost (Male)
c2680 Ghost (Female)
c2690 Serpent Soldier
c2700 Serpent Mage
c2710 Crystal Golem
c2711 Golden Crystal Golem
c2730 Crossbreed Priscilla
c2750 Anastacia of Astora
c2780 Mimic
c2790 Black Knight (Sword)
c2791 Black Knight (Great Sword)
c2792 Black Knight (Axe)
c2793 Black Knight (Halberd)
c2800 Undead Crystal Soldier (Sword)
c2801 Undead Crystal Soldier (Bow)
c2810 Infested Barbarian (Club)
c2811 Infested Barbarian (Boulder)
c2820 Prototype Claw Hollow
c2830 Phalanx
c2840 Engorged Zombie (Torch)
c2841 Engorged Zombie
c2860 Giant
c2870 Royal Sentinel
c2900 Skeleton (Falchion)
c2901 Skeleton (Archer)
c2910 Giant Skeleton (Sword)
c2911 Giant Skeleton (Archer)
c2920 Vamos
c2930 Bonewheel Skeleton
c2940 Skeleton Baby
c2950 Skeleton Beast
c2960 Bone Tower totem
c3090 Giant Mosquito
c3110 Demon's Souls Crystal Lizard
c3200 Slime
c3210 Egg Carrier
c3220 Vile Maggot
c3230 Moonlight Butterfly
c3240 Chaos Eater
c3250 Man-Eater Shell
c3270 Basilisk
c3290 Brain Bug
c3300 Crystal Lizard
c3320 Pinwheel
c3330 Pisaca
c3331 Weeping Pisacas
c3340 Undead Attack Dog
c3341 Flaming Attack Dog
c3350 Possessed Tree
c3370 Tree Lizard
c3380 Giant Leech
c3390 Burrowing Rockworm
c3400 Crag-Spider
c3410 Frog-Ray
c3420 Undead Dragon
c3421 Bounding Demon of Izalith
c3430 Hellkite Drake
c3450 Everlasting Dragon
c3460 Armored Tusk
c3461 Armored Tusk (Reinforced)
c3470 Prototype Sanctuary Guardian
c3471 Sanctuary Guardian
c3480 Chaos Bug
c3490 Good Vagrant
c3491 Evil Vagrant
c3500 Mass of Souls
c3501 Wisp
c3510 Asylum Transport Crow
c3520 Drake wyvern
c3530 Hydra
c4090 Marvelous Chester
c4100 Artorias
c4110 Hawkeye Gough
c4120 Stone Guardian
c4130 Scarecrow
c4140 Elizabeth -
c4150 Bloathead
c4160 Bloathead Sorcerer
c4170 Humanity Phantom (small)
c4171 Humanity Phantom (medium)
c4172 Humanity Phantom (large)
c4180 Chained Prisoner
c4190 Attack Dog (DLC)
c4500 Manus, Father of the Abyss
c4510 Black Dragon Kalameet
c4520 Young Sif
c4530 Young Alvina
c5200 Centipede Demon
c5210 Sif
c5220 Gravelord Nito
c5230 Bed of Chaos
c5231 Prototype Bed of Chaos
c5240 Parasitic Wall Hugger
c5250 Ceaseless Discharge
c5260 Gaping Dragon
c5270 Ornstein
c5271 Super Ornstein
c5280 Quelaag
c5290 Seath the Scaleless
c5300 Prototype Undead King Jar Eel
c5310 Gwynevere
c5320 Gwyndolin
c5330 Frampt / Kaathe
c5340 The Fair Lady
c5350 Bell Gargoyles
c5351 Lightning Gargoyles
c5360 Great Feline
c5361 Alvina
c5370 Gwyn
c5390 Four Kings
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Re: Dark Souls: Monster animations

Post by thaison » Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:26 pm

Archives request access, if you can add my email address, thanks very much
My Mail: matxichtuthan@gmail.com

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Re: Dark Souls: Monster animations

Post by leekun » Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:41 pm

Oh dang, I didn't notice that you need permission to download a file from google drive.
Changed links to mediafire now. Sorry about that.

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Re: Dark Souls: Monster animations

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:56 pm

Thanks a ton for these!

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