[cross-platform] MpqLangChanger - fast MPQ language change

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[cross-platform] MpqLangChanger - fast MPQ language change

Post by kambala » Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:08 pm

This is a simple command-line utility written in C++ to quickly change MPQ language using StormLib. It simply writes new value to .mpq/data/local/use. The application is mostly for Mac OS X because there's no -direct like in Windows version of D2.

MpqLangChanger is distributed under MIT license.

usage: MpqLangChanger -l=[language ID (hex) or 3-letter key] mpq_path
    set new MPQ language
usage: MpqLangChanger -p mpq_path
    print current MPQ language

available languages:
    ID    Key  Language
    0x00  ENG  English
    0x01  ESP  Spanish
    0x02  DEU  German
    0x03  FRA  French
    0x04  POR  Portuguese
    0x05  ITA  Italian
    0x06  JPN  Japanese
    0x07  KOR  Korean
    0x08  SIN
    0x09  CHI  Chinese
    0x0a  POL  Polish
    0x0b  RUS  Russian
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